Abwab: Pakistan


Pavilion Title: Daalaan          

The Pakistan Pavilion acts as a portal. Visitors are invited to enter the reinterpreted courtyard; a place where every Pakistani child and adult makes space to entertain and interact with each other. Daalaan is a space where all doors open, capturing glimpses and moments of games in action. The tangle of ‘maanja’ where kites are being flown, the flick of the finger whilst playing ‘kancha’, the twirling of the ‘latoo’, and the swift throw of the ball to scatter all the ‘pittu’ pieces. Through Daalaan, viewers will feel the energy that our otherwise simple games contain.

Incorporating a single dying craft into our installation, with every intention of turning it into a graphic and modern final piece, we rely on the process of printing with natural dyes to tell tales of the earthy nostalgia of our Daalaan. Experimentation with various organic shades, ranging from Henna to terra-cotta, allows us to achieve the perfect ethnic earthy tone, reminiscent of our “Wattan Ki Mitti” (the earth of our country). Enter the crafted playground of Pakistan.

Curator: Salman Jawed

Salman Jawed is co-founder of Coalesce Design Studios, a house of multidisciplinary designers that go beyond form and function to interpret an intangible into a tangible built product.


Ali S Husain is a Karachi based graphic designer. His style is illustrative, minimalistic, and edgy. He has recently launched a line of paper products, which aim to change the face of graphic design in Pakistan.

Faiza Adamjee is a thinker. A graphic designer by background, she has moved away from design and now focuses on big ideas, concepts and copywriting.

Mustafa Mehdi is an architect by profession, who also practices graphic design, photography and product design. He is co-founder of Coalesce Design Studio.

Hamza Masood Khan (sketches) is an architect and multidisciplinary artist. Atmosphere, intangibility, existentialism and mystery are prominent features of his work.

Hina Fancy (screen printing)works as a teacher and independent print designer specialising in print in Islamabad. She has exhibited her art in Islamabad, Karachi and Pen.

Zaid Hameed (ceramics)is a textile designer by profession, who celebrates the indigenous crafts of Pakistan. He fuses traditional techniques and patterns with contemporary techniques and forms, helping to revive the dying art of ceramics in Sindh.

Saad Khurshid, a graphic designer and illustrator from Karachi, Saad is modernist at heart; her grid-based work involves the use of bold colours and simple shapes.

Muniba Rashid, a graphic design and printmaking student, Muniba works in various mediums including print, digital and handmade crafts.

Supported by Coalesce Design Studio, Jafferjees, Paperworks and Ego

A major Dubai Design Week initiative, Abwab is a series of six pavilions built to celebrate and showcase the work of the most exciting designers, studios and curators from six different countries in the MENASA region.

Abwab, which means ‘doors’ in Arabic, acts as a direct portal to the region’s local design talent. A curator from each participating country leads the designers to generate never before-seen design content under one unifying theme, this year being - Games: The Element of Play in Culture.

26 October | 5pm - 9pm
27 - 30 October | 9am - 9pm
31 October | 9am - 6pm
Open areas, Dubai Design District (d3)